The Plural of Possessive Pronouns

Притяжательные местоимения (мн.ч.)


They indicate belonging. The pronouns of the 1st and 2nd persons take the gender,

the number and the case of the nouns they qualify.

The possessive pronouns of the 3rd person его, её and их  take the gender and the number of the noun

which designate the owner of the object and do not change in case.

The possessive pronouns answer the questions чей? чья? чьё? чьи? (whose?)


Singular Plural
Masculine Feminine Neuter All genders
чей? - whose? чья? - whose?

чьё? - whose?

чьи?- whose?

мой дом

my house

моя комната

my room

моё окно

my window

мои дома, комнаты, окна,

my houses, rooms, windows

твой дом

your house

твоя комната

your room

твоё окно

your window

твои дома, комнаты, окна,

your  houses, rooms, windows

его/её  for all the genders and numbers:

его/её дом,  комната, окно

his/her house, room, window


дома, комнаты, окна,

his/her houses, rooms, windows

наш дом

our house

наша комната

our room

наше окно

our window


дома, комнаты, окна,

our  houses, rooms, windows

ваш дом

your house

ваша комната

your room

ваше окно

your window


дома, комнаты, окна,

your  houses, rooms, windows

их  for all the genders and numbers:

их дом,  их комната, их окно

their house, room, window



дома, комнаты, окна,

their houses, rooms, windows