The Conjunctions и, а, но

Союзы и, а, но

The Conjunction и

To link similar members denoting different persons, objects, phenomena, events, actions, means of action,

properties, etc., we use the conjunction и, the most frequently used word in the Russian language.

The Conjunction но

In contrasting various events, actions, modes of action and properties, we use the conjunction но.

The Conjunction а

The conjunction а is one of the most frequently used, it expresses a wide range of various relations:

comparison, juxtaposition and conjunction, sometimes shifting in meaning towards the conjunction но

sometimes towards the conjunction и.


и (and) Иван и Андрей друзья. - Ivan and Andrew are friends.

Мы читаем и говорим по-русски. - We read and speak Russian.

но (but) Я слушаю, но не понимаю. - I am listening, but I don't understand.
а (and/but) Я говорю по-русски, а Вы? - I can speak Russian, and you?

Она не студентка, а преподаватель. - She is not student, but a teacher.