The Adverbs of Place and Direction

Наречия места и направления


The Adverbs of place point to the place of action. They answer the question где? (where?)

The Adverbs of direction point to the direction of action. They answer the question куда? (where to?)


Где? (where?) Куда? (where to?)
тут, здесь - here сюда - here

там - there

туда - there

слева - on the left

налево, влево - to the left

справа - on the right

направо, вправо - to the right

наверху - above

наверх - upwards

внизу - below

вниз - downwards

впереди - in front

вперёд - forward

сзади - behind

назад - backwards

внутри - inside

внутрь - inside

снаружи - outside

наружу - outside

дома - at home

домой - home