The Dative in Impersonal Constructions

Дательный падеж в безличных конструкциях


The dative is used in impersonal constructions to denote the person who performs an action or experiences some state.

In impersonal constructions the dative is used:

1) with the words надо (must, it is necessary), нужно (must, it is necessary),

можно (may), нельзя (must not) followed by an infinitive.

Ей нужно пойти к врачу. - She must go to the doctor's.

Брату нельзя курить. - The brother must not smoke.


2) with the words хорошо (it is good), весело (it is fun), грустно (it is sad),

скучно (it is dull), трудно (it is difficult), etc., occasionally followed by an infinitive.

Сестре скучно. - The sister is bored.

Мне трудно это сделать. - It is difficult for me to do that.